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our 4 day 3 city vacation

Halifax to Montreal, Montreal to Ottawa, Ottawa to Toronto, Toronto to Windsor.

This past weekend was jam-packed with adventure, fun and too many bags to carry.

Our journey began leaving Halifax, Nova Scotia to go to Montreal. We traveled by Train with Via Rail Canada and had the best experience. (Read about our Via Rail adventure here)

Once we arrived in Montreal we had 6 hours to walk around and see the sites. We started off by walking towards Old Port and stopped at various buildings for photos. The day was foggy and made for some great moody shots. When we got to Old Port, we noticed there was an ice skating rink right next to the famous Ferris wheel so we splurged and decided to go skating.

We both worked up an appetite after skating so we found the cutest plant-based cafe called Invitation V. They served burgers, bowls and brunch. It was so yummy and they served some of the best-seasoned fries we've ever had.

Our next stop was going to be a cute cafe for coffee and dessert but Mike got a craving for a beavertail so we headed back to the Old Port for Beaver Tails.

After that, we walked around the city a bit more, took some photos and enjoyed the sights, It was starting to get dark and rainy so we went back to the train station to wait for our next train to Ottawa.

Once we arrived in Ottawa we met our friend Laura at the station and ubered back to her house. She was the best host and even gave us vegan gummies that were shaped like carrots and dinosaurs (Cierra's favorite prehistoric animal is the Brachiosaurus) We spent the night at her place and when we woke up, we got ready and headed out to explore the city. It was so cold in Ottawa but we kept warm by making a lot of pit stops inside malls and cafes. We walked by Parliament Hill and strolled through Byron Market. We even saw Christmas Carolers. We took the new LRT (Light Rail Transportation) back to Via Rail and got ready to board another train heading to Toronto.

We arrived in Toronto around 9 PM and took an uber to our Instagram pal Josh's house. We had never met Josh in person before but had been following him for a while. We crashed pretty early, (we walked over 9,000 steps in Ottawa that day) but got up early to take on #thesix aka Toronto.

We walked everywhere in Toronto. We went to the Eaton Centre, Dundas Square, Nathan Philips Square, Chinatown, Kennsington Market, CN Tower and back to Via Rail. We walked over 20,000 steps, each.

We saw so much and Mike took so many photos. We even went to the new Globally Local Vegan Takeout spot that just opened not too long ago.

After spending the day in Toronto we hopped on the train to get to Windsor and now we are here visiting Cierra's family and friends.

Our four day weekend was an absolute blast and we saw so much in a very short period of time.

It just shows that you too can travel with limited time and resources.

Where are you excited to travel to next? Let us know.

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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