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why Via Rail is the way to travel!

This past weekend we had an absolute blast traveling on Via Rail Canada.

We left Halifax, Nova Scotia on Friday for a 24-hour journey to Montreal. We were fortunate enough to stay in the sleep car and experience the works including our own private room with bed, a bathroom and shower.

Think hotel room compacted into a Smart car, it was awesome.

Sleeper class also includes meals so we got to enjoy, lunch, dinner, and breakfast in a dinning car. As we traveled through the countryside we experienced a delicious pasta dish with salad and dessert. For dinner, we had squash ravioli and for breakfast, we enjoyed toast, coffee, and french toast.

The food was so good and the service was exceptional. Our waitress Alexi was a gem.

Sleeping on a train was so cool and we will definitely be doing it again.

Our next train was from Montreal to Ottawa which was a 2 hour trek. We had the opportunity to travel business class for the rest of our shorter trips.

We had never traveled business before and let us tell you, it is worth it.

Not only do you get to board early, but you also get to hang out in the business lounge prior to the trip which includes wifi, comfy chairs, unlimited coffee, tea, and soft drinks, you get fed breakfast, lunch or dinner on the train with complimentary drinks including wine, beer, and cocktails. The legroom is perfect, the service is top-notch and it feels nice to travel in business class.

After Ottawa, we traveled to Toronto and then to Windsor.

Our tummies were full, our coffee fix was filled and we even got to leave our bags at the station complimentary so we could go and explore.

If you're haven't traveled by train, you have to try it and if you feel like spoiling yourself, definitely do business class. You won't be disappointed.

Our experience was amazing and we can't wait to travel with Via Rail Canada again soon.

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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