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Cierra & Mike

Our Story

The first photo we took for Cierra & Mike in 2019

From Carrots to Contracts!

In August of 2019, we started a travel blog and our slogan was peace, love, carrots, hence the carrots to the left.

For some reason, when we first met each other we bonded over our love for carrots so we got matching tattoos, made a slogan and the rest is history. 

Within a few months we started to work with some brands including Tourism Fredericton and Via Rail. 

In January, we moved to British Columbia and got a partnership with Douglas Mattress and Cuisinart Canada to furnish our new apartment. 

After moving in, Covid got announced and we realized that we wouldn't be able to do much traveling and everything was very unknown. 

So we took a little blog break and focused on starting a family.


Then in 2022, we decided to take the leap, pivot our focus, register our biz and go all in with photography, videography, social media and consulting. 

Our purpose was clear, do everything in our power to pay the bills and be at home with our son.

Now a year later, we are working with dream brands, checking to-do's and raising our toddler at home. It's incredible what a little bit of faith, a lot of coffee and a purpose to serve can do. God is so good.

Our motto is under promise over deliver and we show up 150% for every single client.

We are so grateful.


Mike Dowie

Producer,  Director, Editor, Planner

Michael has over 4 years of multimedia experience including photography, videography, editing and storytelling. His photos have been featured on Visit Scotland Instagram Page (1 million followers), featured on HelloBC Instagram (600k followers), featured in 2 People Make Glasgow articles, featured in Freya Magazine, featured in This is Scotland (182k followers), 3x Creatives Weekend Influencer for Visit Cape Breton Island Tourism and Nova Scotia Tourism.


Michael is a self-taught photographer and videographer who believes that cameras are tools meant to share, educate and inspire others.


Michael is the owner of Cierra and Mike Media and his skills include photography and videography, photo and video editing, storyboarding, trend research, social media management, data analysis, project management, budget management, community management and social media paid ad strategy.

Favourite Hobby: 
On the TV:



Hiking in the alpine

One Piece

Pad thai

Oat Chai Latte

Cierra Dowie

Client Management, Admin, Creative & Copywriting

Cierra has worked in marketing and project management for over 9 years with a focus on digital marketing, public relations and content creation. Cierra has a diploma in Public Relations and has been awarded the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Inclusive Prosperity Prize, she was a finalist twice for the Windsor Essex Chamber of Commerce Young Professional Awards, she was a delegate for the G20 Youth Entrepreneurship Summit in Argentina representing Canada and was also a delegate for Miss Universe Canada.


Cierra was also a 2x Creatives Weekend Influencer for Visit Cape Breton Island Tourism, and was featured in the following publications/websites;, Narcity Canada, Walrus Magazine, CTV, CBC, Windsor Star, CBC Radio.


Cierra has a wide range of skills including project management, event planning, content creation, photo staging, storyboarding, copywriting, marketing, graphic design, public relations, event management and planning.

Mocha extra sweet hot or cold

Steak & Poutine


Favourite Hobby: 
On the TV:



Kayaking, podcasting, travel

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