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Inspired by Natacha & Vincent

This week we are inspired by van life, entrepreneurs who believe in manifesting the life they want.

We started to follow Vincent and Natacha on Instagram after we saw an Instagram ad they had posted about living on your own terms and making money.

We scrolled through their page and loved their photos, positive messaging about running an online and remote business and how they live full time in their van doing the things they love like mountain biking and skiing.

While strengthening our Instagram friendship over the last few months, we ended up taking a trip to Vancouver and Squamish and they happened to still be in Squamish so we all met up.

We talked about business, health and wellness, black lives matter, money, marketing, goals, manifesting and so much more. We ended up chatting until midnight and met up the next morning for coffee.

Natacha and Vincent are incredible people and inspire us because they truly don't care what anyone thinks, they are the navigators of their own lives and they are on a mission to make an impact in the world, serve people and also do what they are passionate about.

They have huge goals and they are on track to accomplish them and what we loved is they never inserted doubt when they shared those said goals. Like us, they trust the process, they believe in what they are doing and know it's going to happen.

These two are hard workers and the amount of joy they have for life is admiring. We also noticed how vulnerable and open they are. They shared stories with us that were real and raw and we love when people can be open and share the difficult journeys too.

Natacha and Vincent are awesome and we recommend you follow their journey and adventures online. They also share a lot of positive and useful content around entrepreneurship and business so if you're looking to learn more about working online or remotely, we recommend you check in with them.

You can follow their journey on Instagram @misslollipopthevan and we highly recommend you watch their van tour video here on Youtube.


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