We provide creative work for adventure, food and travel brands who love sharing stories and impacting the world.


Our Work,

We work with a variety of brands who we love and adore. From taking photos of incredible kitchen appliances to documenting an entire trip while on the train, we love working with unique brands who align with our values.

We work really well together + apart

Together we take beautiful photos, create stunning videos, highlight brands, develop partnerships, share our experiences on our podcast and document our lives on social media.

We also work individually on our passion projects.  


Currently, Mike is selling his landscape and nature prints in our printshop and Cierra is developing a mindset program to empower people to keep being real. 

Learn more about Cierra and Mike below



I'm a photographer, videographer, drone pilot and creative.

Visit my personalized page to view my portfolio, check out the print shop and learn more about me. 



I'm a content creator, writer and resourceful mindset coach teaching people how to break through judgement and use their resources to keep being real. 

Visit my personalized page to learn more about me and my projects.


We don't sugar coat life, we tell it like it is and enjoy every minute of the adventure.

In our blog you will read about our journey while travelling, our brand experiences, changes in our life, our health and wellness routines and much much more.

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