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inspiring us this week: Ryan Jones

The week we are inspired by a young author who shares reviews on new books and empowers others through her own publications.

Ryan Jones, is a publishing associate who is passionate about books, writing, and mental health. She is also the writer of a new book coming out 2020 called More Than Us.

With any success comes challenges for us humans, Ryan explained that her biggest challenge has been querying, she said that she has been lucky to be working with a company that has believed in her vision and work but she has experienced rejection. She even noted that one company wanted to change the entire ending of her book.

She has learned to stay true to herself and never give up. She mentioned that growth, development, God, and faith continuously motivate her and that she always wants to do her best, be the best version of herself and treat others with nothing but kindness.

From publishing books and writing book reviews, we wanted to know how Ryan does it all and still make time for self-care.

She said that her life is a planner and she loves making to-do lists. She wakes up early and completes her morning routines to get ready for the day. It starts by watching the sunrise leads to a smoothie, breakfast for her and her cats, coffee, skincare routine and if she can, she does some reading.

On her downtime, she loves to do yoga, workout, run and she mentioned one of her passions is singing.

This busy and motivated writer inspires us because she is truly following her passion and purpose.

We wanted to know what Ryan has learned the most about herself and her response was, "I am strong in the sense that I have the personality to motivate and influence people, and this realization makes me so happy."

Her advice to readers is to Do it. Never wait.

She says "If you keep putting it off you'll never do it. Write it out. Talk about it with someone. Do something to hold yourself accountable and get it done."

Lastly, we wanted to know 3 random facts about Ryan.

Her response:

1.) I love bread. I have a bread-scented candle from Bath & Body Works.

2.) I see my cats as my children.

3.) I love cleaning. It calms me.

We loved getting to know Ryan and are so empowered by her motivation and passion. Follow along on her journey here on instagram and check out her blog.

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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