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our first week in West Kelowna, British Columbia

It feels like we are dreaming.

Every morning we wake up it feels like we are still dreaming and eventually we are going to be in Nova Scotia or Ontario sleeping in our parent's house.

Moving to West Kelowna, #BritishColumbia was a bit spontaneous and a bit calculated.

It actually was decided after a few previous plans didn't work out.

When we first met, Mike was going to #Australia to work as an aupair and asked Cierra to go with. We were going to live and work there for 6 months and travel around the country. Thank the universe that didn't happen because of all the forest fires happening right now. We could have been in danger or experiencing hardship while temporarily moving there for 6 months and we are so grateful that we are in Canada. We pray for everyone in Australia and are sending positive love and light. Mike's Visa got delayed weeks and we decided not to wait any longer so he revoked his application.

Our second plan was to go to Hawaii and work on a farm. We were going to live on the island, work for free and experience the culture. Although this idea sounded awesome in theory, we realized there could be Visa issues and we wanted to make money.

Then Cierra saw an opportunity to work remotely for MEC, we both applied and got the job.

So now that we had remote-jobs, our third plan was to go to Bali and work for MEC. The logistics would have been ridiculous and we would have had to work all night and not be able to explore during the day. We also weren't sure if MEC would be okay with us not working in Canada so we nixed that idea.

Lastly, we decided to settle in Canada for at least a year. We both were craving staying still in a new place and wanted to build a little foundation together somewhere fresh, exciting and full of nature. We thought of maybe staying in Nova Scotia but Mike was craving to try something new. We thought about Ontario but it just wasn't enough for our needs and wants.

Cierra suggested the west coast and moments later we were looking at apartments in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops and Langley.

Now, one month later we are waking up to the mountains in West Kelowna, British Columbia.

It's incredible, amazing and a little bit surreal that we nearly made this decision to move out west just a few weeks ago and here we are.

Our first week has been amazing. We have gotten settled in our temporary spot until our apartment is done being built. We have got up every morning at 5 AM to do our routine, we have hiked and explored the neighbourhood. We even went to Value Village and got some new dishes for our new place. Our relationship has never been better and we are growing and lifting each other up in so many ways.

Our new home is perfect. Although we never wanted to spend winter in Canada, we are appreciating every single little thing this city and area has to offer, even the snow.

Our souls were craving mountains and nature, lakes and streams. We are thriving and it feels so good.

We are continuing to work with MEC and have a vision for our brand and what we want to accomplish this year.

Stay tuned to see where we are in a few weeks even a few months.

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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