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Our time Visiting Arrow Lakes Slocan

We had the opportunity to visit the Arrow Lakes Slocan region for a weekend and had a wonderful time exploring the area and staying in the Adventure Domes.

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Dome #2 at the Adventure Domes in New Denver

We arrived Friday afternoon and checked into the Adventure Domes which are located in New Denver, BC. The interior of our dome was so lovely and had a fully stacked kitchen, bathroom with shower, and two beds in the bedroom with a single and double bed. Dome #2 is two floors with a loft area living room. One thing we appreciated is that there wasn't a television. We also loved that they composted and offered eco friendly and natural products for cleaning and hand washing.

After our first night in the Adventure Domes, we explored the neighbourhood. We walked across the street to Nuru's Coffee Bar and walked down the road to the Raven's Nest. The Raven's Nest is the cutest little gift shop with books, women's clothes and trinkets. We found the coolest little book for our son and the lady running the store was wonderful and so welcoming.

After the Raven's Nest we walked back to our dome, put Everest down for a nap, made a coffee and played some board games. The Adventure Domes have an office with board games and in the summer you can rent their kayaks or canoe.

Once Everest woke up, we changed into warmer winter attire and walked to the Greer Park. We brought Everest's little sled with us and walked around the trails and went down to the beach. The snow and trees were so pretty and we saw an eagle perched on a rock, a great spot.

Next to the Adventure Domes is a little grocery store called the New Market Foods. We needed a couple things so we walked over there and appreciated that the prices were great.

On Sunday, we packed up and drove a couple kms down to Silverton and stopped at the Camp Cafe.

This cafe was awesome, great friendly staff, delicious pastries and good coffee. They also sold a variety of gifts.

After the Camp Cafe, we drove to Slocan and enjoyed the incredible views. The drive from New Denver to Slocan is awesome and we highly recommend just doing the drive because its worth the views.

Once we arrived to Slocan, we drove down to the Slocan Beach Park for a walk. There was a lot of snow but the view was perfect.

Slocan Beach Park

After the beach, we visited the Vallican Whole Community Centre for an annual holiday market.

Our time in the Arrow Lakes Slocan region was wonderful. This community is small but there is a lot to do even in the winter with a toddler.


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