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we're on the move, again...

Call us crazy but we just moved across the country. 2 plane rides, and a 4 hour drive later...

Photo Cred: Josh Poirier

We were officially 5 days into 2020 and just the other day we stepped onto a plane to beautiful British Columbia where we are settling down in West Kelowna for at least a year.

We adventured from Windsor, Ontario to Detroit Airport to San Fransisco to Vancouver and our final stop West Kelowna. We took two planes and planned on taking a bus from Vancouver to Kelowna but everything was booked so we rented a car and drove through the mountains.

Our decision to move to West Kelowna was quite simple but packing up our lives in a couple of bags, booking flights and saying goodbyes to family and friends was tough.

It's challenging leaving things you know and are comfortable with but more magic can happen when you jump out of your comfort zone and try something new.

We both wanted a change of scenery, we both wanted mountains, forests, beaches, nature and we both wanted to settle down in place together for a least a year.

Our adventure arriving in West Kelowna was so long but we are so stoked and grateful that we had each other.

Our apartment won't be ready until February 1st so our amazing landlords put us up in a 5 star resort 10 minutes from our new place. This resort is stunning and right on the water.

We are all settled in for now and can't wait to get our official place in February.

To say manifesting all of this was easy would be a fib, it definitely took hard work, dedication, persistence and a lot of patience (don't get us started on booking our flights, thats a story for another day) but all of it was so worth it. We preserved and made it happen. We worked hard and here we are, living in our dream location.

We are so grateful to be where we are and can't wait to explore, hike, kayak, camp and climb.

Have you been to Kelowna and surrounding areas? Let us know where your favourite spot is.

Peace, love and carrots.

Cierra and Mike


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