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New Denver Adventure Domes

We had the opportunity to stay at the Adventure Domes in New Denver for 2 nights and had a lovely time.

The Adventure Domes are charming cottages in the heart of New Denver, British Columbia in the Arrow Lakes Slocan Region. The property has 4 different domes, 2 that have an open concept, a 2 storey unit and a one-bedroom. We stayed in the 2 storey dome and appreciated the little details of the unit.

When you first walk in the kitchen is to your right with everything you will need to cook a homemade meal. To the left is a staircase that leads to an upstairs living room for playing games, and cuddling on the couch. The two couches upstairs are additional sleeping options for more guests. Then back on the main floor at the back of the dome is a bedroom with a queen and single bed.

The bathroom is tucked behind the kitchen and has a shower, toilet, sink and lots of towels.

This eco-friendly property only uses natural and non-toxic cleaning products including hand soap, dish soap, cleaning spray and shampoo in the shower. This was a huge win for us. They also had containers for recycling and composting which was also very exciting. This unit was pet friendly too.

The property has an on-site office with board games and offers kayak and canoe rentals in the summer.

Minutes from the property is a grocery store open every day until 7 PM, a cafe called Nuru's and then if you walk further down the road towards the water there is Greer Park and beach are a couple of shops including the Raven's Nest and Rutabaga's Whole Foods. There are a few more shops that are seasonal and open during the summer months that you have to check out too.

The owner was very hospitable, kind and made sure we had everything we needed.

Our overall experience was wonderful and Everest-approved.


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