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Meachen Falls

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Earlier this summer we visited Kimberly, BC for the first time. Since we’re always on the hunt for a good waterfall we decided to check out Meachen Falls and we were pleasantly surprised with how awesome it was. Hike details below 👇🏼

📍 Meachen Falls

🥾 0.5 km roundtrip

📈 20 m elevation gain

⏰ 10 mins

🥵 Easy difficulty

Though the drive may be a bit bumpy it is well worth the easy hike and amazing views. South of downtown Kimberly you can find St. Mary Lake Rd. You will drive West on this road for about 16km until you reach a signed intersection for Lakeside rd, turn left onto this road and cross the bridge. After the bridge you will take a sharp right onto Hellroaring Creek FSR. This road will lead you to Meachen Creek FSR, which you will turn right onto. Roughly 7 km up this road the road will widen and you will see a trail on the righthand side. There will be plenty of space to park on the side of the road.

The hardest part is now over and the hike begins. Follow the trail through the forest for about 200m and you will reach an intersection. Turn left and you can take a path to the top of the falls (you can see the people standing at the top in the photo above). If you’re going to the top be careful on the slippery rocks. Turn right and the path will lead to this stunning viewpoint where the photo was taken from. It is also possible from here to climb down to the creek and follow out along to the base of the falls, though it is steep so take caution.

Overall we think this is a must see waterfall if you’re driving through Kimberly and have some time to spare 😁

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Wow, what a cool waterfall. Did you do anything else in Kimberly while you were there.

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