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Logden Lodge, Ymir, BC

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Nestled in a small village called Ymir, about 20 minutes from Nelson, British Columbia, plants a 40+ acre property with 4 beautifully built and cosy wood cabins and a couple who are wonderful hosts.

We had the opportunity to stay a few nights at Logden Lodge and the moment we walked into our cabin, our mouths dropped. The gorgeous cathedral ceilings, the smell, the wood-burning stove, the loft-like bedroom with a comfortable king-size bed and deep bathtub for soaking after a long day of hiking or skiing, the large front deck with string lights and bbq, the entire cabin was spectacular and we had zero complaints.

The cabin we had the opportunity to stay in was called the Golden Cup and was Asian inspired. Annelies and Paul, the owners and builders of the cabins, put together a theme for each structure for a memorable and unique experience. You could tell every decision was thoughtfully made when building and designing.

The first night at our cabin we lit a fire, ate golden brown (the only way to eat) marshmallows and just relaxed. The fire kept the cosy quarters so warm and inviting. During the day we cooked food and wanted to capture the natural beauty of each nook and cranny.

The second night we indulged in charcuterie which to be honest, was the perfect thing to make and enjoy while sitting by a fire playing dominos.

One thing we absolutely loved about Logden Lodge was the encouragement to get offline and either into nature, relaxation or the board games and puzzles provided.

It's really a place to escape the 9 to 5 or relax after a big powder sesh at White Water.

Being able to bring the dogs was also so great and they enjoyed our cabin as much as we did. With the gate entrance to the deck, they could hang outside without running off and just watch the birds, although Buni loved laying by the fire.

Also, our 8 almost 9-month-old baby slept 12 hours straight. we know, it must have been the change in scenery and the fresh air.

Visiting in the winter early spring was so lovely too because we saw so many birds and one even landed on our hands.

After this little staycation, we realized there is something so special about visiting a place in your own community, especially in the winter. You often go exploring during the summer or fall but to stay in a cabin in the cold and snowy months was so comforting and quite honestly, we didn't want to leave.

If you're looking to plan a Kootenay Staycation, we highly recommend Logden Lodge. You can visit their website here. And if you're reading this and you live out of town, I highly recommend the trip.

There is so much to do in the Kootenays and you won't be disappointed.


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