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one person inspiring us this week: Jordynne Ropat

This week we are inspired by a woman who has shown what true drive, hard work and passion looks like.

This woman has a heart full of sweet dough and has built a concept from her tiny kitchen apartment to a shared kitchen space and now into her own location in just over a year.

Jordynne Ropat created Plant Joy, a vegan donut shop in Windsor, Ontario that serves delicious vegan donuts made with love, purpose and passion. She has 10 plus employees, daily pick up orders and is open 5 days a week. She is constantly innovating with new flavours and makes sure every single donut that leaves her shop is made with love.

From wanting to be a doctor to now being titled the vegan donut queen, Jordynne is the perfect example for anyone looking to start something that may be crazy or unconventional. She had an idea, started testing in her kitchen, then took her donuts to markets and events, eventually got into a community kitchen and in the last 6 months, she opened her own shop.

She inspires us because of her consistency, motivation, drive and pure joy for what she is doing. She proves that you can accomplish so much in a year if you are willing to learn, adapt, overcome challenges and show up every single day to the kitchen.

Thank you for being you Jordynne and please, keep inspiring us.

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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