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Fletcher Falls

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Just 60km NE from Nelson, BC lives the beautiful Fletcher Falls.

Depending on the season you visit, the falls can be quite large especially once the mountain tops start melting. It does have 3 tiers but from the bottom, you can visibly see 1-2 depending on the season.

The hike down to the falls has two paths.

The first path is moderate with a downhill hike around some roots, rocks and trees, which is about 0.7km roundtrip.

The second path is an easier hike with a wider dirt path that includes a few rocks and roots that can however, be accomplished with an all-terrain stroller, and this path is around 1.4km roundtrip.

There is a walkway bridge to get to the falls that adds to the unique location.

The falls lead out to the Kootenay lake which is a few feet away. There is a beach, picnic tables and the best part is, you can camp overnight for free at this location.

Fletcher falls is definitely family and pet friendly and has lots of space to hang on the beach for fishing, picnicking and kayaking.

We believe there are 3-4 campsites with a fire pit.

There is also an outhouse toilet leading back up the dirt path.

Fletcher Falls is beautiful and unique. Every time we visit we are in awe of this ecosystem and love seeing the different intensity levels of the fall.

The view from the beach is also spectacular due to being surrounded by mountains and pristine water.

A must-see if you visit the Nelson, Kootenay area.


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