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We really care about the planet & the people who live here.

Sustainability is very important to us and we know by selling apparel we are adding another footprint into the world that we need to be conscious of. We have partnered with a distribution company that is working on becoming more sustainable and is providing garments that are more eco-friendly.  

made to order

All of our products are made to order so we don't carry any stock. This helps reduce waste and over-ordering.

printed in north america

All of our apparel is printed in North America and by people earning a fair wage.

10% to charity

We are perfecting our supply chains to be 100 % eco-friendly however, in the meantime we are proud to be providing 10% of profit from our apparel to charities.

water based ink

All of our apparel is printed with water based eco friendly ink.

working towards a zero waste 2021

We would like to have our entire product line be sustainable, created from organic and recycled materials, printed in house.

Right now, we are working with a partner in the United States who does all of our printing and shipping. Their partners believe in sustainability too and are working towards innovation. We working closely with our distributor to cut package waste and plastic use. 

Our products are not 100% eco friendly but we are working towards it.

cierra & mike

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