you are good enough

Do you ever wonder if you’re good enough?

Maybe you were told you’re not.

Maybe you were told no matter what you did, it would never be good enough.

And then maybe you convinced yourself it was true.

And that poison grew inside your mind and it grew and grew some more.

The more you allowed that poison to spread, the more it hurt.

Until it completely spread throughout and it overcame you.

Now you have no confidence.

You’re too scared, too nervous to make a move because you’re not good enough.

“What if she says no, what if she doesn’t like me back”

Rather than facing that fear you avoided it.

Avoiding the embarrassment of rejection.

Still convinced you’re not good enough for her, or anyone for that matter.

Years go by and nothing has changed, you’re still stuck in this mindset.

A negative mindset of self judgement and hate.

You blame yourself because you’re just not fucking good enough.

You want to escape “reality”, to get away from the world.

Maybe you used alcohol to fill the void,

To fill the empty hole within you that was caused by loneliness.

But this only made things worse,

Bringing out a darker side of you, amplifying all those negative thoughts.

You continue to believe you’re not worthy,

Starting to think it would all be easier if you weren’t around,

If you could just disappear.

Then you wouldn’t have to worry about not being good enough,

All the pain would go away.

But none of this was true, it was all an illusion,

Your weak mind playing tricks on you.

Now that you’re healing you realize this past

Realizing it was all fake, all your own perception, your own assumptions.

Assumptions that were never true to begin with.

Assumptions that were repeated so often that they burned into your brain.

Burned into your brain until you truly believed them.

But none of this was true, it was all an illusion.

Because now you know your real self, your true potential.

Be yourself, don’t fear judgement.

You are amazing.

You are loved.

You are worthy.

You are good enough.


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