we wrote an ebook, here's why you should get a copy

The way we met and how everything happened over a month was literally quite crazy. So many people are surprised after hearing how we met so we knew we had something special to share.

But the ebook isn't just about our sappy romcom like relationship.

The majority of the book is about you manifesting love by working on yourself.

It's true, and we tested this method unintentionally and then met each other.

While writing the book we dissected everything and even analyzed the little synchronicities that seemed to line up perfectly because we listened to our intuitions.

We both agreed that we manifested each other because we both had been working on ourselves, we are on a path of growth and everything happened unexpectedly so there wasn't any resistance.

In the book, we share with you how a dreamy, rom com relationship is possible but it starts with you. You can't expect to find your Mickey or Minnie or Shrek or Fiona without being aware that you attract who you are.

If you don't love who you are, how do you expect other people to love who you are?

Through the 8 chapters, we empower you to look inwards and start realizing that you have the power to find your someone by falling in love with yourself, healing from your past or any lingering ex relationships and figuring out what it is you want in a partnership.

The last few chapters help you release expectations and trust the process because if you don't that's where resistance forms.

Resistance is created when we are needy. It starts when we get impatient and can't trust the journey or the outcome. Resistance slows everything down, causing you to become more impatient which forms blocks.

When you trust the process, you become aligned and allow things to happen unexpectedly.

This ebook isn't just for the person looking for a partner, this book is really for anyone looking to become more connected with themselves and grow.

Even if you're happily in a relationship or married, you can value, especially with the journal prompts and book recommendations.

We know that anyone can benefit and we hope you enjoy.

If you're interested in reading on, click here.

Peace, love and Carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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