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we are moving....

It's official we can finally break the news and announce we are moving.

This is a huge move for the both of us and we are so excited to share with you where we are headed.

Cierra moving out to the east coast for a little while was quite the stretch but now we both are headed to Kelowna, British Columbia, that's right, we are off to the mountains.

This decision was not easy and for the longest time we were super conflicted on where we wanted to settle for a little while.

The plan originally was to go to Australia, then we thought Hawaii, then we got full time jobs and wanted to stay in the east coast and then an opportunity came to us to rent a beautiful brand new apartment in Kelowna. It didn't come easy at first though. We had to finally surrender, make a list of exactly what we wanted and decide that we wanted to settle in a place for a little bit.

While we were weighing all options, we wrote out exactly what we wanted.

- white aesthetic apartment

- gym in building

- balcony with view

- pet friendly for future dog child

- under $1500

- utilities included

- good location with stores and cafes

We manifested exactly this in one month and it all fell into place perfectly.

Now, our plan is to head to BC for Jan 1 and start a new adventure in the west coast.

Our apartment is brand new so we actually will be staying in a hotel for a few weeks until we can officially move into our beautiful apartment.

We are super happy, grateful and filled with joy that we a) found our dream apartment and b) get to live by mountains, beaches and so many unique places.

2020 is already looking incredible and we can't wait to share more exciting news with you.

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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