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we are on the move to...

If you have been following along on our Instagram, you may have seen us post about packing and moving. We are actually relocating for 6 months to a very unique place but before we head out and share the details, our first stop mission is to visit friends and family in Moncton, Halifax and Ontario for the next month.

We are excited to be taking peace, love and carrots on the road and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to travel together.

When we first met, Mike mentioned right away his love for travelling and how he couldn't really have a relationship because most people couldn't just pick up their lives and go. Cierra was already on the road travelling around Canada and that's when we both quickly realized that we had the same intentions and values to explore and live life unconventionally. Our souls were made to meet and for us, it's proof that everything happens for a reason and in synchronicity.

So where to first?

Well, we actually just arrived in Moncton and will be spending a few days here to explore some beautiful parks and trails with our creative pals and to visit Mike's mom.

Next on the list is Halifax to visit friends and Mike's dad and then off to Ontario to visit Cierra's friends and family.

We are sad to be leaving Fredericton and we are going to miss all of our friends, however, we both thrive when we are travelling and exploring so we can't wait to continue growing and living in alignment.

It will be a unique transition with our morning routine but we are committed to adapting, making sure we show up to yoga, meditation, journaling, affirmations, exercising, reading and achieving all of our goals.

We will be posting a lot on our Instagram story about our adventures so we invite you to stay tuned.

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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