we are launching apparel

We've been thinking about creating apparel since we started our brand but we really didn't know what we wanted and because we have an adventurous lifestyle we also needed to figure out logistics.

After 4 months of searching, we have finally created something we are really proud of and are excited about future plans ahead.

Peace, Love, Carrots Apparel is a collection that represents exactly what it says, peace, love and carrots.

Peace reflects harmony, collaboration, joy and alignment. Peace is how we feel in our minds, how we feel when we are being our real selves and how we feel when we are giving to others.

Love reflects acceptance, pride, trust and connection.

Love is how we feel in our body and our heart, how we feel when we show up whole-heartedly for ourselves and how we feel when we are around others.

Carrots reflect individuality, authenticness, originality and being unique. No two carrots are alike and they embody peace, love and being true to our roots.

When you wear Peace, Love, Carrots you are proud of who you are and proud of others for being themselves too. You're a part of a bigger community of creators, doers, movers, shakers, innovators, growers, & healers, making the world a little bit brighter.

One of our non-negotiables when creating our apparel was promising that 10% of all profit would be donated to causes that are close to our hearts.

Another non-negotiable was sustainability. Although all of our apparel is not 100% eco friendly, yet, our goal by 2021 is to be able to offer you 100% eco-friendly clothing. Transparency is important and we don't want to greenwash so here are the facts.

All items are printed on demand so we carry no stock, this means we don't have to worry about on-hand inventory.

All items are printed in the United States by people who are making a fair wage.

All products are coming from companies who are working on their apparel sustainability policies but have highly rated house standards that are reducing emissions, water and fabric waste, innovating better fabrics and dyes that cause less harm to our planet, offering eco-friendly products and creating partnerships with other textile companies.

We know that we are creating a footprint, however, we are confident that we will be able to make some major changes within the year to create affordable, high-quality products that are easy on the planet we all love.

Lastly, we wanted to create something that everyone could wear proudly and feel supported in.

When someone asks you what Peace, Love, Carrots means, you can respond with being me and letting others be them too.

Coming Dec. 1st

If you have any questions regarding the apparel feel free to send us a message at any time.

Peace, love and carrots

Cierra and Mike


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