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two people inspiring us this week: annie and jordan

This week, we are featuring two people, actually a family of 5 who are challenging the status quo of what a conventional household should look like.

Annie and Jordan, the creators behind Runaway Expedition, are parents to two young explorers and a furry family member named Van Otis Fox. They are skipping the typical household life and are travelling around Canada on a 40ft school bus that they converted into a tiny home with their bare hands. They have been constructing their home on wheels for over 3 years and left on the road from Windsor, Ontario a few months ago.

Not only are they living in a home they built with their heart and passion, they are raising two little ones inside and teaching them about life as it should be taught. Everyday the family spends time outside, learning, exploring, cooking and creating.

Annie and Jordan are inspiring us this week because they are living life on their own terms. They are choosing to live outside of the conventional family structure and loving every minute of it.

Sure, it may be scary to move your family out of a house and into a converted bus but the experiences, the memories, and the lessons are priceless. We believe Annie and Jordan are doing it right and think more people should live this way.

We love following along on their Instagram page and learning about their adventures.

Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram and if you're interested in learning more about the bus life, send them a dm or check out their youtube channel.


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