what to do with the sour feeling of rejection

We have all felt it, usually from hearing a no and it stings when you least expect it but from our experience working in the creative field, living our lives and truly working on ourselves, we have come to a few realizations about rejection.

The first lesson we have learned is that rejection is not personal unless you're triggered by the rejection, then you may have some inner work to do. See we get rejected a lot because we put ourselves out there. Usually we understand when someone says "not this time" but if there is ever a time where we get major feelings from hearing no, it's time to pull back some layers and do some healing. We believe that rejection shouldn't hurt unless YOU believe there is some truth to what they are saying which should encourage you to dig deeper and ask yourself why you have those emotions.

The second lesson is to use rejection as a form of motivation. If you hear 'no' 1,2,3, times it shouldn't derail your vision or discourage you. Use the emotion to keep going and motivate yourself. Now, keep in mind, if you keep getting rejected and your intuition is nagging you to maybe make some changes or pivot in someway, don't discredit that. Analyze and get a deeper understanding, remember that doubt and intuition are different. Your intuition is clear and concise, doubt is full of questions and uncertainty.

Lastly, when rejection shows up in your space you have to keep trusting

the process and believe that bigger is coming, because it is.

Just in January alone we got rejected a lot but we kept going and bigger and more aligned opportunities showed up. You have to trust and you have to keep showing up.

You can thank us later,

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra, Mike and Buni


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