one person inspiring us this week is sierra parr

Creator, artist, podcaster, donator, filmmaker, award winner, Sierra Parr is inspiring us this week in so many ways.

From Windsor, Ontario, Sierra Parr is the founder of Lemon Soul Studios a podcast platform Sierra created to having unique conversations with people who are doing awesome things in the world.

She has interviewed a wide variety of people and every episode is raw, authentic and original.

Not only is she the host of her very own podcast, but she is also a creator, filmmaker and photographer. She and her team just won an award this week for the film they created called Kalopsia, at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto for Best Experimental Film.

And now with the holidays around the corner, Sierra is working on her 4th annual charity drive to raise money and collect donations for the Windsor Youth Centre.

We even saw today that she is encouraging people to become organ donors in Ontario.

Sierra is incredible and we couldn't help but notice all the amazing work she is doing. Her passion and purpose is admiring and we are uber inspired.

If you would like to follow along on Sierra's journey, visit her on Instagram here.

Want to catch an episode of her podcast? Check out Lemon Soul Studios here

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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