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one person inspiring us this week: Sawyer Hannay

This week we are inspired by a person who is taking huge risks, listening to his heart and thinking outside of the box in his own backyard.

Sawyer Hannay started Country Liberty, a clothing brand, a few years ago to not just represent his hometown, Rexton New Brunswick but to represent those that appreciate the country life.

Now that his brand is established and in stores around Canada, Sawyer is taking things to a whole other level by launching Liberty Village, a rustic and cosy cottage resort in Rexton, NB opening in 2020.

We got the opportunity to visit Liberty Village and see the progress Sawyer has made in the last 6 weeks, which included moving all the cottages, getting a septic tank, clearing land, working with tradespeople and continuing to manage Country Liberty.

While visiting we checked out the cottages, discovered what the future plans are and met back up for a sunset campfire to get a taste for the LV experience before we visit again next year.

liberty village cottage

Liberty Village is right on the Richibucto River and so close to the Bouctouche Dunes, Kouchibouguac National Park, and Cap-Lumière Beach encouraging people to explore and adventure in the area.

Sawyer is not just creating another business or brand, he is creating a movement to bring people together, to enjoy the little things again and spend time in nature.

We are inspired by Sawyer because he isn't focused on money or success, this is a guy who is truly doing something because it's in his heart and soul and you can feel it when you talk to him. His passion speaks for its self and although he is taking huge risks, he believes in what he is doing.

We also love that all his social media content to document the journey of building Liberty Village is all raw and unedited. We are huge believers in sharing real experiences and talking about the good, the hard and the learned.

We are so grateful we got to visit Liberty Village and hang with Sawyer to learn more about his mission and purpose.

We are so proud of what Sawyer is building and we will definitely be visiting to get the full Liberty Village experience next year.

To learn more about Liberty Village click here

To learn more about Country Liberty click here

To give Sawyer a follow, click here

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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