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we are inspired by Oksana Toffan

This week we are inspired by a woman who is showing up for herself, her clients and her country.

Oksana Toffan is a Personal Development Coach with Wiseman Enterprise Coaching and Consulting Company as well as a Second Lieutenant Infantry Officer currently training in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. She works with clients to help them achieve and develop the lifestyles they desire through weekly coaching sessions as well as her Immersive Coaching Program, she helps her clients incorporate healthy actions, decision making, planning, and even private personal training into their regular routines.

"My favorite part of doing what I do is being able to watch my clients grow into the very best versions of themselves while designing a sustainably healthy, happy, and successful lifestyle." says Oksana.

We are inspired by Oksana's motivation and how she is able to balance everything. We wanted to know what her routine is and how she starts her day. She says, "My morning routine is always coffee first. Always. Wake up, grab a coffee, whip out my planner, conduct what I call my "morning check-in", and STRATEGIZE. How will I go about my day? What is that ONE THING I need to accomplish to feel satisfied and proud of how I spent my day? I love my eggs, turkey bacon, avocado, and some fruit for breakfast! Although, some mornings where I need to jet out of the house real quick, I grab some of my overnight oats and struggle to eat them in the car while racing to one of my clients... This is the truth."

We also wanted to know how she fuels her motivation and what inspires her. She explained that watching, listening to, or reading about others who have succeeded in life inspires her greatly. She also loves being surrounded by others who have drive, persistence, excitement, strength, and strong team work abilities.

Oksana is motivated, passionate and driven, she is inspired by others and has a solid morning routine. For self care she shows up to exercise and eats clean, those are her two big priorities. She also believes that balance is important and being effective is much more valuable than being efficient and prioritizing is key if you don't want to become burnt out.

We wanted to know what Oksana has learned from managing herself and others and she said that, "After beginning to prioritize and time manage more effectively and NOT punishing myself for failing to achieve the merely impossible, I've been able to fully appreciate and enjoy my days being spent. I've been able to recognize and appreciate the present moments instead of constantly living in the future and "what-if"'s world. This has allowed me to remain a LOT more true to myself and my purpose."

We appreciate how strategic Oksana is when creating her aligned life. We also appreciate her opinion so we asked her what she would say to someone who is looking to start a project or business. Her answer?

"Learn from those who have failed doing what you want to do as MUCH as you learn from those who have succeeded. Ask a TON of questions, be ready to work under pressure and improvise, and have FUN. Lead with love and positive intention always."

Lastly, we wanted to know some fun facts about Okasana and what her proudest moment has been.

She explained that her proudest moment was doing a 5 day hike in Peru. She also said that she loves to travel and would hop on a plane at any moment. She loves sitting in coffee shops to appreciate the moment and loves baking dozens and dozens of cookies only to give away to others.

We loved learning about Oksana and are super inspired by this woman. She is a force to be reckoned with and we would totally trust her with our lives if there was a world crisis.

To learn more about Oksana, follow her on Instagram

Peace, love and carrots

Cierra and Mike


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