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mike's 23rd birthday

Last week we celebrated Mike's 23rd birthday. Cierra planned jam packed day of surprises, fun, food and activities around Fredericton, New Brunswick.

We started the day off at 9 AM heading downtown to The Donut Bar.

Mike had a peanut butter crunch donut and Cierra tried the Eminem. (the real slim shady donut). They were fresh to death.

The next stop was to Starbucks for Mike's complimentary birthday drink. He got a big ass friggen (venti) Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino of course. Before we continued on with activities we journaled and did some work because even when it's your birthday you still gotta stay on track.

After an hour at Starbucks we walked over to the Clay Cafe to paint some cute, little ceramic creatures. Mike picked out a seahorse and Cierra chose her favourite dinosaur, a brachiosaurus. We are basically 7 year olds. 💁🏻‍

We worked up an appetite while painting so we took a stroll over to Naru, Mike's favourite sushi place. After an amazing lunch Mike was treated to Naru's birthday dessert, banana tempura with mango ice cream.

Once we finished our lunch at Naru, coffee was much needed. Mike's favourite cafe in Fredericton is The Tipsy Muse. We ran into our friend Paulo there and got a peppermint latte for the road.

Next on the list was Fredericton Bouldering Coop where we went to enjoy one of Mike's favourite activities, rock climbing. We tried a variety of routes and appreciate the good vibes that the club offered. Would recommended checking this gym out.

After rock climbing, we rushed home to get ready for the next spot, Bulgogi where we got to get Mike's all time favourite food, dumpling ramen.

Once we finished another scrumptious meal, Cierra blinded folded Mike and kid napped him to bring him to the next secret location, York County Cider. Cierra got all his closet friends to surprise him by showing up for some drinks and trivia.

The rest of the night was a blur. Needless to say, Mike had the best birthday of his entire life.

Stay tuned for Cierra's Birthday on October 15.


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