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meet Buni, the Newest Chief of Experience

One of our goals for 2020 was to adopt a dog.

In January, we fell in love with a dog named Chico but after a couple of days of having him at our home, we had to return him to the rescue because he was biting and mounting us.

After the traumatic experience of having to give up our beloved friend due to him bitting us, we talked to the rescue to see if there were any other pups that would fit in our little family.

The woman we were working with mentioned a dog named Charlotte who was at the time, in Texas. Charlotte was a 10-month old Sheppard Mix that had been found as a stray puppy, then the person who found her kept her but then couldn't take care of her so she gave her up, then was passed to another family and then into foster care. She had been to 3 different families before coming to us.

Sidenote: Before starting this process, we had no idea that there were so many stray dogs in Texas but after learning that, we really wanted to impact one of the poor pups lives from the state so we continued to work with Helping Paws Okanagan. This organization works with local rescues in Texas who need help with overwhelming stray populations then transport the dogs to British Columbia and Washington to then get them furever homes.

The picture they sent us was so sweet and we fell in love but we wanted to be sure she didn't bite. That was a deal breaker for us.

We talked to the rescue in Texas and in the Okanagan and they both agreed she would be a great fit but we were still skeptical.

After lots of thought, the rescue suggested that we foster her for two weeks and see how she fits in. If it didn't work out she would be adopted by someone else but at least we could try it out.

We agreed to foster.

After one week of having the sweet Texan gal at our home, we came to a decision and officially adopted her. We also renamed her Buni because she has a little cotton tail, she hops like a rabbit and bunny's love carrots.

Buni is truly a wonderful dog. She loves to cuddle, play fetch with all her toys, she knows how to sit, shake a paw and lay down. We also trained her to wait until her bowl of food is placed in her feeding spot.

We have some work todo with her leash manners but we have been working hard through it and she's learning very quickly.

We can't wait to take her on adventures like hikes, camping and kayaking, we know she's going to love it.

We are so grateful we stayed patient through this process and found our perfect chief of experience.

Welcome to the family Buni,

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike,


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