one person inspiring us this week: Lucas Heney

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

There are some incredible people in this world who are fulfilling their purpose, following their passions who inspire us.

This week we are empowered and motivated by someone who is challenging the status quo, going all in and are showing up to who they truly are meant to be.

Lucas Heney, creator of 1988

From Windsor, Ontario, Lucas Heney is making waves by following his heart and pursuing his calling to make kick ass music. He recently started a band, sold all his stuff, and bought a Jeep to travel across Canada promoting it.

To kick everything off he climbed to the top of the Ambassador Bridge which connects Windsor and Detroit, Michigan together to hang his band banner and did a live video on Instagram of the whole thing. Turns out he was the first person ever in history to live while climbing up and down the bridge without a harness.

This dude is rad and we are inspired by his passion, dedication and badassery for living his life to the fullest.

Yesterday, he posted this video about empowering others to chase discomfort and we couldn't agree more with the messaging.

We invite you to watch it below and make sure to give 1988 a follow on Instagram.


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