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one person inspiring us this week, Kelly Green

This week we are inspired by a woman who is taking care of the planet without sacrificing the things she loves.

It's no coincidence that her last name is Green, Kelly is your neighbourhood tree hugger and we are inspired by everything she has been doing lately for the people and the planet.

Kelly is a student, an environmental advocate, innovator, creator, a communications gal, vegetarian and newly inspiring entrepreneur of a company called

She is part of an on-campus group advocating for sustainability, she works at a non-profit that is responsible for conserving and stewarding private land and teaching the importance of protecting our unique natural heritage and biodiversity plus has decorated her home and wardrobe sustainably. is a consciously curated vintage and unique piece shop.

Kelly is proving that you can be super stylish, fashionable, and totally Instagramable without wreaking havoc on the planet and your bank account.

We love Kelly's approach to environmentalism and her motivation behind all the work she does on and off campus.

Kelly is one inspiring individual and we recommend you follow her on Instagram and check out her new store

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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