July 17, 2020: Follow Up Friday

It’s Follow Up Friday, which means we share how our week went! It’s a day to celebrate all the wins! 

1. We launched a new video featuring our road trip to Vancouver 

2. Episode 12 of the Cierra and Mike Podcast is live. Listen here

3. Blog Post about how we efficiently car camp

4. Our Home Office Tour including free desks from FB Marketplace 

5. Blog Post about Van Lifers and Remote Entrepreneurs, Natacha and Vincent 

6. We had brunch with Natacha and Vincent

7. We recorded another podcast episode that will be coming out on Sunday 

8. We are planning our next adventure 

9. We are working on accomplishing some big goals 

10. We joined a Mastermind with Leigh Ann over at @firstdaypod

11. We had over 4800 entries for our Cuisinart Canada Giveaway over on Instagram

It was an awesome week. What did you accomplish?


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