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Happy International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day and we are so excited to highlight some women who are remarkable and who inspire us on a regular.

Taran and Bunny Ghatrora @taran_smiles

@bunny.ghatrora Sisters, Taran and Bunny are the co-founders of Blume, a skin, body and period care company that has raised 3.3 million dollars in investment, Taran and Bunny are Forbes 30 Under 30 fellows and on a mission to empower women, end stigmas and provide resources and education to girls and women. Taran and Bunny inspire us to never give up, to fight for what we believe in and to keep being who we are. The girls have grown Blume into a movement and we can't wait to see what else they accomplish.

Follow Blume and Taran and Bunny on Instagram.

Deborah Olatunji @deb_olatunji

Author, Youth Empowerment Leader, Education Advocate and only 17, Deborah is incredible. Deborah is an award winning poet, she just published a book called Unleash Your Innovative Genius, she will be giving a TedX Talk this year and we can only imagine the huge opportunities she will create in the next few years. Deborah is about to graduate high school and we are inspired by her drive, hard work and ambition as a teenager. Find Deborah on Instagram and check out her book.

Kaitlin Kane Stankowski @Kane9training

Kaitlin is the founder of Kane 9 Training. She trains dogs and empowers people to have a healthy relationship with their furry family. We have never met Kaitlin but we have been following her for a couple months now to learn more about training Buni. We have messaged Kaitlin a few times now and she has been so helpful. Kaitlin is always on Instagram stories sharing the work she is doing and we love how passionate, patient and consistent she is. If you have a doggy, make sure to follow along on Instagram.

Ashley MacDonald @lifeofashmac

Ashley is a photographer, videographer and passionate creative who is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We met Ashley at Creative's Weekend in Cape Breton and are in AWE of her photos. Ashely is always challenging herself to get the best shot, to learn and showcase her skills. We are inspired by Ashley's passion for adventure and the fact that she is an engineer but choosing to pursue her creative passions in photography and videography.

Follow Ashley on Instagram and check out her amazing work.

Fawn Logan-Young @fawnstermonster We met Fawn last year in Cape Breton and we instantly connected. Fawn's energy is contagious and we are inspired by her authenticty, her love for life and her dedication to creating. She has a few projects in the works and recently launched a blog called Different Rooute . Fawn is also getting her degree in Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa. Follow Fawn on Instagram and make sure to visit her blog to read her thoughts.

Emily Waterfield-Buttner


Emily is a holistic health coach, mom, and wife in New York and we are amazed by her passion for her purpose. Emily has taken her experiences in life and turned them into a beautiful vehicle to support and empower other people around female hormonal health.

Visit Emily's Website to learn more about her programs and follow her on Instagram.

Sierra Scott @sierra.scott

Leader, advocate, speaker, president, student, Sierra is a role model, a visionary and her ideas have impacted the world and her community. We are inspired by her dedication, her passion to try new opportunities, to show up and speak her voice. Sierra is a powerhouse.

Follow her journey on Instagram

Danielle Lauzon

Danielle is the creator of and is inspiring us everyday to be more eco friendly, to think about the things we buy and use on a regular basis. Danielle started her page only a few months ago and is creating a community of people to learn about eco consciousness and zero waste. We love her stories and her posts. We admire Danielle's courage and bravery talking about the planet and how we need to try our best, whatever that looks like, to be better to mother earth. Follow Danielle on Instagram.

Anna Petrie @annepetrie96

Anna is a personal trainer and mental health advocate who inspires us everyday to show up for our bodies and earn a 6 pack. Anna is motivating, inspiring and last year moved to Australia to work in health and fitness. We love her passion, dedication and work ethic. She is definitely one to follow on Instagram if you need fit inspiration.

Sofya Pesternikova @zerowasteonastudentbudget

Sofya is the creator of Zero Waste on a Student Budget on Instagram and YouTube and we are inspired by her dedication and passion for teaching others how to be zero waste on a budget. Sofya shares so many helpful tips on her pages and gives people the opportunity to be more eco friendly even as a student. Check out Sofya's tips, tricks and videos here.

Courtney Fedevich @SincerelyCourtney

We recently started following Courtney and we love her vibe. She recently started a project called the Failure Journal and you can check it out here Courtney on Instagram is fun, authentic and isn't afraid to be the real her. We love her passion for social media and her drive. We are excited to get to know Courtney more and follow along on her journey. Follow Courtney on Instagram.

We are inspired by so many more women and will be highlighting more in the coming weeks.

We are so grateful to know so many incredible women and are so grateful for their work, dedication and passion.

Happy International Women's Day!

Peace, love. and carrots,

Cierra, Mike and Buni


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