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this week, Cierra is inspired by...

This week I decided to do something different and create a post that really showcased someone who inspires me everyday.

My partner Mike is a beautiful human inside and out and today and everyday he inspires me more and more.

It's not just the way he makes me laugh or knows how to cheer me up when I want our vision to work faster, he has one of the kindest hearts, he isn't afraid to express who he is and he is so committed to being a better person every single day.

When I met Mike, I was mesmerized by his eyes but not just because they are this beautiful blue colour but because I could see his kindness and love for life.

In the last 6 months of being together, I've seen him grow into this even more incredible, strong, creative and innovative human that is more loving, compassionate and supportive.

Every time I look into his eyes, I get inspired to be kinder, be more loving and continue to show up and grow.

I've seen his mind bloom with concepts, discoveries and learnings that he isn't afraid to talk about and share with me and others.

This week we have been challenged with a few things in our beautiful life we are creating and his ability to be positive, trusting and forgiving is everything to me.

Today and really everyday I wake up and I'm thankful for him.

He is my person and I'm so inspired by who he is how he adds so much value to life itself.

Who are you inspired by?

Peace, love and carrots,



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