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do you journal?

We love asking people if they journal because it seems like there is a pretty big divide of people who do journal vs people who do not.

The ones who do journal love it and often times feel more at peace and lean on their journal to release their emotions. Those who do not journal either think we are crazy for writing down how we feel or are craving to journal but they just can't make time.

We get it, journaling can be uncomfortable, vulnerable and sometimes time consuming if you start to pour your heart out, but we do believe it is important for everyone to write consistently and here is why...

Journaling is a powerful way to release your emotions. You can write about the good stuff, the love stories and the happy times and you can also write about times of challenge, times of sadness and grief. Your journal does not judge you and it's like therapy without someone talking back (although we are all for talking to someone)

Journaling is a way to express who you are on paper and let everything out. Sometimes you may be working through something and maybe you are not ready to tell someone. This is a great first step to figure out your emotions.

Journaling is a form of creativity and it allows you to connect with your intuition, your heart, mind and soul. When we write, we allow our emotions to speak to us and the language or the channel we use is words.

Research has even shown that journaling can help with depression, anxiety and stress.

There are so many benefits and we could go on forever talking about the effects.

Now, for us we both have our on unique way of journaling and you have to learn what works best for you however, we do suggest being open minded to different techniques.

Cierra is a huge fan of writing a daily inquire of what she has done during the day/night, documenting what she is grateful for and talking about how she feels. Depending on her feelings she will unload all her thoughts and emotions and sometimes try to discover why she may be feeling a certain way.

Cierra's Journal Prompts:

How do you feel today?

Why do you feel that way?

What are you grateful for?

What are some challenges you are working through?

What have you learned about yourself?

What are you proud of?

How are you positively impacting your life?

How have you showed up today?

Mike writes a little bit differently. He's kind of all over the place, but that's fine. He will start off by going through the events of his previous day. While writing through his day, if something comes up that he feels he could have done better or differently he will write out what he should have done instead. He will also write out the emotions he felt during that particular event. This can sometimes end up going completely off track and he'll end up just pouring out all his feelings, which feels amazing. Mike ends every journal entry with some common mantras that he uses and also writes out some things that he is grateful for. Every journal entry ends with "I am more than I appear to be, all the world's strength and power rests within me."

Peace, love and carrots


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