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creative's weekend 5.0

Last weekend we drove out to Cape Breton for another Creatives Weekend partnered with Visit Cape Breton Island, Live Life in Tents, Breton Air, Parks Canada, Halifax Social Network and Images of Canada.

This was our third visit to Cape Breton this year and we were so stoked to be able to attend another Creatives Weekend together. If you didn’t know already, we met at the last event that happened in June and to be able to go back together meant a lot to us.

These events are so cool because they bring like-minded, creative and unique people from around Canada together to create content around Cape Breton. Each person who attends has a unique skill set in photography, videography, blogging, writing and ultimately shares their experience of Cape Breton in their own way.

The last event we made some long-lasting friendships and this time around we met some more incredible people.

The weekend started off by travelling from Halifax to Cape Breton with our pal Sam T. Sam attended June’s event and was kind enough to carpool with us.

We arrived at Live Life in Tents in Margaree Forks on Cape Breton Island around 8 PM and were greeted by familiar and new faces. We all introduced ourselves and ended the night with a rundown of the itinerary for the weekend.

Live Life in Tents is a glamping experience in Margaree Forks on Cape Breton Island that offers tours, hiking, tubing and other fun activities exploring the island.

We planned on staying at Live Life in Tents however, a couple of our pals wanted to rent a hotel room because of the rain so we pitched in. We also had some work to do so having wifi was also a reason for getting the hotel. Turned out that the wifi didn’t end up working very well so we got as much work done as we could without internet.

Saturday we woke around 7:45 AM, got ready and drove back to Live Life in Tents for Breakfast. We were each assigned our daily activity and after downing some freshly brewed coffee and peanut butter and banana sammys, a group of us hit the road to Corney Brook Trail which is a part of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park located 1 hour from Live Life in Tents.

While heading to this trail we were greeted with beautiful scenic views along the coast.

The Corney Brook trail is across the street from the Corney Brook Campground which has bathrooms and a parking lot.

The hike is 6.5 km round trip and took us a few hours to complete. This hike is fairly simple with a few steep spots. We would

suggest this hike for most skill level hikers.

There are lots of photo opportunities, beautiful creeks, rushing rapids and there is a waterfall at the end.

After the hike, we headed back to Live Life in Tents but made a pit stop at an ice cream parlour we noticed on the way to Corney Brook called Flora’s Gift Shop. We both got a waffle cone to tie us over until supper.

Once we arrived back in Margaree Forks we relaxed for a little while and then made our way to The Normaway Inn’s Barn Venue where we enjoyed dinner thanks to Cruisin Cuisine and music by Coig.

This venue was beautiful, the food was incredible and the music was awesome. We even got up to square dance. What a fun night.

Sunday we woke up and did the same routine as Saturday, coffee and pb and banana sammys. After breakfast, we teamed up with our activity group and drove out to Mabou to meet with Bill from FrameWork Cycle and Fitness to go bike riding on the Celtic Shore Coastal Trail.

We biked 20 kms and were lucky to see some incredible views and colourful trees. We love to hike but to experience Cape Breton trails on a bike was a wonderful adventure.

After our bike ride, it was time to say goodbye and head home back to Halifax. One of Cape Breton’s sayings is “easy to find, hard to leave’ and we couldn’t agree more. It is so challenging getting us back in the car to go home when we visit CB.

The views are magnificent, the people are so kind, being surrounded by the ocean is a plus and there is an energy in Cape Breton that is peaceful and tranquil.

Our time was short but we loved every single second of it and cannot wait to return next year.

We know we keep saying it’s a magical place but it truly is. We encourage you to plan a trip and visit yourself because you will fall in love, just liked we did.

Peace, love and carrots,

Cierra and Mike


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