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cierra's 26th birthday

This week we celebrated Cierra's birthday in Halifax and had an absolute blast.

Instead of buying things for each other that we don't need or want, we decided that we much rather spend time having fun and doing activities with one another.

In September Cierra planned a full day for Mike in Fredericton for his birthday, which you can check out here, and Mike did the same thing for Cierra.

If you haven't guessed it yet, we love #donuts. It's almost more than love, it could be a mild addiction, but hey there is no shame for the donut game. As we are both donut connoisseurs, we had to visit Fortune Donuts for breakfast in downtown #Halifax.

This place is loaded with fresh-made donuts and has over 8 flavours to choose from. They even have #vegan options. #winning

After we ate our donuts in 2.5 seconds, we hopped in a cab to do one of Cierra's favourite activities, bowling. Yes, she knows she's an old soul. Fun fact, she was even on a #bowling league back home a few years ago.

Now being from Ontario, she's always played 10 pin bowling so she got to experience her first maritime game of candlepin bowling.

'Candlepin bowling is a variation of bowling that is played primarily in the Canadian Maritime provinces. You play with a smaller bowl than10 pins and you must try and hit 11 skinnier pins.'

We played three games, and Mike ended up winning 2 out of 3.

After bowling, we went to the cutest #vegan cafe for lunch called the Wild Leek. Cierra got the Eggs Benny and Mike enjoyed a bowl of Broccoli Mac and Cheese.

Before we left, we got a cookie that was the size of our heads and travelled to our next surprise destination.

The next stop on Cierra's Birthday tour was HFX Tattoo where Mike surprised C with a dinosaur tattoo, a brontosaurus to be more specific and Mike got Pumbaa from the Lion King.

Following tattoos, we drove over to Trapped Escape rooms where we worked to get together to escape from the Contaminated Hospital.

We had so much fun in the room and were able to escape with 17 minutes left on the clock.

Once we finished at Trapped, we walked over to Starbucks to get a coffee and hang out before dinner.

For dinner, we went to Heartwood Vegan Restaurant and enjoyed a crispy tofu burger with chunky tomato soup and a cajun lentil burger with potatoes and salad.

We were so pleased with the meal and the service.

Before we left, we order two espresso smoothies to enjoy on the drive home. We planned to come home and watch a movie but we ended up working on some content and future plans for Cierra and Mike.

Cierra's birthday was a jam-packed day and we are so grateful we could spend it together, doing the things we enjoy.

Peace, love and carrots.


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