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a brief summary of our 20 day road trip

Holy cow! It's been a few weeks since we last wrote a blog post but we are back home and ready to write, sharing our experiences on the road. A Spontaneous Trip The trip really started when Mike saw that his favourite artist Dermot Kennedy was going to be in Chicago, the closest location to us here in BC. Seeing Dermot Kennedy was on his bucket list so he had an intuitive call to buy tickets and book a car rental. Next, we needed to figure out our driver's license situation. Cierra had an expired license from Ontario and Mike just got his from Nova Scotia. It would be a lot cheaper for Cierra to drive because shes over 25 so we had to hope to goodness that her expired license would still be accepted to switch over to BC. The Universe Was On Our Side. A couple of days later we went to the DMV and turns out because Cierra's license wasn't expired over 3 years she was allowed to get a full class 5 license. After the DMV, we went to pick up our car (2019 Kia Sportage) and headed home to pack, make food to bring and get ready to leave first thing in the morning.


What we brought:

Car essentials for Mike and Cierra: 1. 5 Blankets and 2 Pillows

2. Warm Clothes

3. Napkins, wet wipes,

4. Cooler with pasta and rice

5. Snacks

6. Computer, Ipad, Chargers, Music and Podcast

7. GPS, Printed Maps, Passports, Credit Card

8. Water bottles

9. Essential Oils: Eucalyptus and Four Thieves

10. Dish Towels and Towels to wipe and cover windows for sleeping

11. Foam mat to sleep in the car

12. Metal straws, utensils

13. hats, gloves, scarves

14. garbage bags

Non-Essentials we brought that we only used once or twice

1. Blender

2. Kettle and french press

3. Dishes

4. Cierra brought all our shoes and four coats

Essentials for Buni:

1. Buni's toys, food (she has salmon food and treats)

2. Buni's crate

3. Buni's vet papers

4. Buni's rabies paperwork for the border

5. Her favourite blankie

6. Leash, collar and harness

7. We had to buy a second leash because her leash broke (see tomorrows blog post to read about that adventure)

8. Bowls

9. Jacket because we were sleeping in some states that were cold


We mapped out a route to sightsee while on the road to Chicago and were so stoked to visit some national parks, waterfalls and mountains.

Originally, we planned on driving down south and then going east towards Chicago and making a surprise visit to Windsor, Cierra's hometown but mid-trip we got a message from our friend while we were on wifi at a welcome centre in Wyoming letting us know that our concert got cancelled.

After an emotional moment, we decided to drive further south so we could take the coast home.

We ended up driving from Wyoming to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington.

A few days after the concert got cancelled, each state slowly started announcing state-of-emergencies and shelter in place. It wasn't until California where we weren't able to visit national parks due to everything going on. (Stay tuned to read a post about our experience with self isolating while on the road)

We made the best of our trip and we still were able to see some incredible sights including Grand Tenton, Twin Falls, Zion National Park, Treasure Falls, Faux Falls, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Grand Canyon, Bell Rock, Holy Cross Church, Joshua Tree, Golden Gate Bridge, McWay Falls, the California Coast, Oregon Coast, whales, dolphins, seals, wolves, moose, caribou, elk and mountain goats.

This trip overall was incredible and even though we didn't get to do everything we wanted, we are so grateful for what we did see. We are also so excited to be able to go back and continue to explore.

We are in the process of writing a blog about each destination and more about what we loved and learned along the way so stay tuned.

Peace, love, carrots,

Cierra, Mike, Buni and Blu


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