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What is CBD? An Interview with Resolve

We had the opportunity to interview JP, Co-Founder of Resolve CBD and learn more about CBD.

There are so many misconceptions and stigmas about CBD so we really wanted to share why CBD is different than weed and why hemp-derived CBD won't get you high.

You can watch the interview or scroll below to read some information we learned.

1. Introduction of JP and Resolve CBD. How did you get involved in CBD?

Jp was working in corporate for a bank for 5 years. He always knew that he was going to do more and uniquely use his creativity. Fast forward to 2018 where he wanted to start a cannabis tourism company but then pivoted to creating a hemp-derived CBD company with two other partners.

"I never thought I was going to start a CBD company, it kind of just happened," said JP.

2. What is CBD? What does full spectrum mean?

CBD is a cannabidiol that can be found from hemp or marijuana plants.

Full-spectrum means that the oil is most pure.

Isolate means that the oil has been processed and broken down, leaving you with less pure CBD.

3. What is CBD used for?

Our bodies naturally produce cannabidiol, so CBD from hemp is a plant compound that naturally adds more cannabidiols to our body to help with imbalances.

CBD can be used to help with anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain and more.

CBD is a natural, plant-based alternative to pain medication like Advil or Tylenol.

4. Why is there such confusion about CBD and THC aka weed?

CBD and THC get confused because they can be from the same plant.

CBD is not psychoactive so you won't get high.

THC is psychoactive so you can get high.

There is confusion because THC can be found in CBD oil. That is why you want to purchase hemp-derived. (See next question and answer below for more information)

5. What is the difference between hemp-derived and cannabis-derived?

Cannabis is the family name for these types of plant.

The marijuana plant and the hemp plant are family members from cannabis.

When CBD is taken from marijuana plants there can be high amounts of THC, THC is what gets you high. JP explained that when you purchased CBD from a legal cannabis store you will be purchasing marijuana-derived CBD which can get you high if you take too much.

When CBD is taken from hemp there is less THC and no matter how much hemp-derived CBD you take, you won't get high.

6. Why are lab results and transparency important when buying CBD?

Lab results are important because they provide the consumer with information about the purity and ingredients. There are currently no government standards or guidelines for CBD so when you're taking this supplement you want to make sure the company is providing you with a pure and trustworthy product. If a CBD company is not providing lab results from a third-party organization, that is a red flag and you should purchase from a different company.

7. What are some incredible stories of CBD changing people's lives? (we will also touch on our dog and Mikes progress)

Mike has experienced chronic fatigue, pain and inflammation for a few months. Once he started taking CBD he has been able to get back on track with his life and not be bedridden.

Blu our dog came into our life as a foster and he had major anxiety. After having him for a month and finally adopting him, his anxiety still didn't get much better so we started giving him CBD and he is a changed dog. He lays with us, plays all the time, gives kisses, and every day we notice a little change in him. It's beautiful.

8. Talk about the new cream - which we love.

The new Resolve CBD Cream (seen here) is a life changer and we have used it and seen major results. The cream is made with CBD and a bunch of thoughtful essential oils and natural ingredients to provide pain relief. Resolve worked on this cream for months to perfect it. JP discussed how topicals can be very effective and how if you have joint pain, headaches, even arthritis, the cream can really help. Cierra even shared how she has used it for menstrual cramps.

9. What does the future look like for CBD and Resolve?

JP explained how his team is taking a little break from innovation right now to celebrate the launch of the cream however he did mention they are already talking about creating alternatives with their current products like changing up flavours and dosages. He also mentioned more topicals like massage oil, we are stoked to hear that.

10. What is your favourite thing about working in this industry?

Lastly, we asked JP what his favourite thing about working in the industry was and we were so inspired by his answer. Jp said that making a real difference in peoples lives and seeing how these products are actually helping people is surreal and hard to explain. He also mentioned that he loves that he has been able to meet and work with so many incredible people authentically and organically. It was such a pleasure chatting with JP about how he got into this business and whats important to know about CBD.

If you're looking to check out more about Resolve visit their website and make sure to use resolvecarrots for 10% off your next order.


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