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5 creatives inspiring us this week

This week we are celebrating 5 creatives!

For the last few weeks we have been featuring one or two people who have been inspiring us. Since we attended Creative's Weekend in Cape Breton last weekend we thought we would pick 5 creatives who are truly inspiring us with their content, their grind, their passion and heart.

Cody Turner @codymturner

The first night we were all introducing ourselves Cody stands on the picnic table and takes a video of all of us saying hi to his finance. His carefree attitude and passion for life is contagious and he added a great energy to the group. His photos are beautiful and we love watching his stories on Instagram. We are inspired by Cody's approach on being authentic and showcasing that through his photos. We love his style and his aesthetic. Our favourite photo of is:

Gab Boiving @boivingab

Our friend, our partner in crime, Gab has become one of our close friends over the last couple weeks thanks to Cierra accidentally added us to his photography group on Instagram. Gab is one of the hardest working creatives we know and every single day he is either sharpening his skills, flying his drone, editing photos, taking on a client or travelling for his next photography adventure. We are inspired by Gab because he works so hard, takes stunning photos and has such a big heart. Our favourite photo of is:

This is Brett's second Creatives Weekend and we have seen Brett soar into a creative abyss. We love that she is always capturing photos in areas no one is willing to go. She is either climbing, crouching or foraging through a forest to get the perfect shot and we love that about her. She sees the forest with a unique perspective and showcases that with her photos. She says she loves to take pictures of the "forest floor" and we appreciate that because her photos are thoughtful and from the heart. We admire Brett's dedication and organic and authentic approach to photography. Our favourite photo of is:

Marc Pelletier @marcp506

From portrait to landscapes to bokeh, Marc is a multifaceted creative with drive and passion. Marc is always asking questions, learning how he can improve his skills and is always looking to get out there and take more photos. We are inspired by Marc's dedication and his willingness to collaborate and support other creatives. Our favourite photo of is:

Carson Burke @carsonburkee

We met Carson in Cape Breton and found out he is actually from Cierra's hometown in Ontario.

Carson has a unique vision for his photos and videos and does a great job standing out from the crowd. He may be only 19 but he is filled with creativity and grit. Carson is inspiring us with his fresh ideas, his willingness to adventure and his passion for his work. He drove over 25 hours to be at Creatives Weekend and has been sleeping in his car for days. Our favourite photo of is:


Do you know someone who is #inspiring that you think we should feature? Send us an email here.


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