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We have worked with some wonderful brands.

Below you can see some of the projects we worked on. You can click on each project and see what content we created for each organization. 

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Hilton Hotels & Resorts

We had the opportunity to work with the head office of Hilton Hotels & Resorts to create a social first commercial for the 'It Matters Where You Stay' campaign and photograph one of their hotels in New Brunswick Canada. 

Lakefront Log Home

We had the opportunity to visit the Lakefront Log  Home outside of Nakusp and photograph this incredible property. 

Kootenay Lake House

We had the opportunity to visit the Kootenay Lake House and capture our stay through photography. 

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Adventure Dome 1.jpg

Nelson & Kootenay Lake Tourism

We worked with Nelson & Kootenay Lake Tourism as their photographer in-residence. We also were apart of their Instagram takeover program. 

Arrow Lakes Slocan Tourism

We worked with Arrow Lakes Slocan Tourism as photographers and influencers during the holiday and winter season. 

Food Videos / Reels

We love creating food content, here is a bunch of short videos we have created. 


Logden Lodge 

We partnered with Logden Lodge to highlight their property in Ymir, British Columbia

Cuisinart Canada

We have provided Cuisinart Canada photos and videos for their social media platforms.


Sober Carpenter & Clever Mocktail

We provided product photos for Clever Mocktail.


Douglas Mattress

We worked closely with to highlight the Douglas King Mattress. We created a video ad campaign that has over 5 million views on Facebook.

Resolve CBD

We work with Resolve CBD Regular to highlight their products on our social media. 


Bunkie Land

We had the opportunity to work with Maria's Mistiso's Place and photograph her newest property Bunkie Land. 

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We have partnered with TBQ Sauce and Seasoning to make reels for Instagram. 

Babybee Canada

We partnered with babybee Canada to highlight their Duo 2 Stroller. We created photos for their social media pages. 

Travel Photos

View our entire collection of travel and tourism-related photos. 


Product Photos

Both Cierra and Mike partner with a variety of brands through Peersway, including President's Choice, Redpath Sugar and Pacific Foods. 

Wildlife Photography

Mike has a growing passion for wildlife. Check out his work in this collection. 

We partnered with Via Rail Canada to highlight Via Rail Canada and their destinations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. We shared photos and videos on our social media pages.

Via Rail Canada


Epiphany Cakes

We provided product photos for Epiphany Cakes website and social media pages. 

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