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Issue 06 | Coffee Catch Up

Cierra and Mike

We Failed!

All right, so we failed!

Our February challenge was to go on 4 hikes however we only did 3 because the day we planned to go out, it was -30 degrees not great hiking weather, especially with a toddler.

And here's the important piece, we shouldn't push ourselves or our kids into unsafe situations for any reason.

Cold temperatures are not to be messed with and there are not enough wool base layers in the world that could convince us to go hike in -30 weather and potentially get frostbite, hypothermia or catch a cold. It's not worth it.

We think this is such an important conversation to have because the interwebs can make it seems like any condition is safe to hike, bike, ski, etc but there are risks and it's important to think about avalanches, storms, weather in the alpine vs weather in the city, cell service, sun exposure, the list goes on.

It might look simple to get in the car and go and do something outside but it's important to be prepared!

Sometimes it might seem silly to worry about these types of risks but they are serious.

Don't let peer pressure or social media tame your internal instincts of being prepared, weighing out the risks and maybe saying "naw, it's too sketchy out today."

Our March goal is yet to be decided but we are thinking of visiting 4 different accommodations this month like a cabin, lodge or even a hotel. We have four weekends to make it happen so stay tuned.

At home this week, we are continuing our spring cleaning party and purging some things we don't really use.

We have some more recipes in the works for the coming weeks and a big giveaway you don't want to miss over on Instagram.

With spring around the corner, we thought we'd share a lovely summer recipe that will cheer anyone who is deep into winter blues.

Check it out:

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