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Issue 05 | Coffee Catch Up

Cierra and Mike

February Update | Pesto Pasta

Happy Thursday! 

There is only one week left of February and we have one more hike to complete as part of our February challenge of 4 hikes to ‘embrace’ winter so we are on our way right now to complete the last one a few hours from home. 

It feels great to be able to complete the goal but in all honesty,  it didn’t really make us love winter any more than before. I know, shame on us, we live in a ski town, how could we possibly loathe winter? 

We don’t know the answer and we wish we could enjoy the cold but every other season is by far more enjoyable to us.

Also, hiking in the winter is really challenging. Ice and deep snow make really tricky terrain, especially with heavy packs. The cold temperatures have you wearing a lot of layers but then you get hot and sweaty and it’s just uncomfortable at times. The sun isn’t out as long so you have to really watch your time so you’re not hiking in the dark. Road conditions can also be brutal. A lot of hikes are up forest service roads that are sketchy in the winter. 

So in conclusion, we are happy we got out for some hikes BUT next year we either need to take up skiing or just head down to Arizona or Florida and become snowbirds. 

We decided we loved making a little challenge for the month sooooo here is a hint for March: wood, fire, and trees. 

Stay tuned until next week for the answer. 


The spring cleaning has begun at home! This week we started to sort through all our son's baby clothes to organize them by size and put them into storage. 

The next tasks we want to accomplish are: 

  • Organize the linen closet 

  • Clean the junk drawer 

  • Donate some stuff 

  • Organize our email and computer files 

  • Rearrange our clothing closet 

Do you love spring cleaning? 


Anywho, we shared last week we are starting to work on a new project with a food brand and we are pumped that we will be sharing our first recipe next week and we can’t wait to share because this company is all gluten-free!!!!!! 

Recipe of the week:

The recipe this week is Pesto with Basil and Parsley. This recipe was so easy and so yummy. We even made homemade pasta and it was the perfect meal. Let us know if you try it!

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