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Issue 04 | Coffee Catch Up

Cierra and Mike

a rant | bundt cake | youtube

Happy Thursday pals,

We can't believe we are halfway through February and it's even staying lighter later, what a blessing.

This month has been cruising on by and we are not complaining as we love spring, summer and fall.

We have been super busy around here editing, emailing, planning, creating and first and foremost being parents.

You know, when we had our son Everest we kept hearing that narrative that "our lives will be over", to say "goodbye to doing anything fun" and travel, "heck no!"

But why does society have this wild mindset about families, and children and involving them in society?

Is it because children 'sometimes' cry in the middle of a Walmart and now we are weak and think all kids do is cry and have fits?

And is it because all the smiling and laughing moments negate the couple of sad moments in a Walmart?

Is it because we are selectively kind now?

Is it because movies have made kids look like terrors?

We have no idea why society has went awol about kids but we do know that we all have the opportunity and choice to change our thoughts and feelings about kids and how we show up in society when a kiddo is crying or screaming.

Being 'that person on a plane can be scary but imagine if someone sitting next to the crying baby offered to hold the baby or played peekaboo (which we've seen happen and it just warmed our hearts)

What if we stopped the mom and the crying baby in Walmart and smiled and said "hey, how's your day going?" or just gave a nod knowing that she isn't alone?

What if we stood up for kiddos and anytime someone made a negative comment we said: "kids are awesome and sure they cry sometimes but they are learning and the world is a lot, even for us."

We put so many expectations and pressure on parents and kids in public and we often forget about compassion and empathy. Kids are learning, there are new sounds, new faces, new foods, and new scents, it's a lot but so good for learning and development but then if the child gets sad we as a society glare, stare, roll our eyes and make comments to our friends that "kids are the worst" or "I'm never having kids" but maybe it's your perfume that's causing the ruckus or your phone notifications that keep pinging every two seconds or the fact that we can't walk around a restaurant because then the kiddos would be "bothering" the visitors... And then we wonder and JUDGE why parents put an iPad in front of their kiddos at a restaurant to keep their volume at a low...

Anywho we digress.

We just think that kids are awesome and can be involved in our society because hey, in year's time they will be on their own in society but as a whole, we need to do better being kind, understanding, compassionate, and even helpful to the families that 'dare' to bring their kiddos into public because why wouldn't we?

At home this week we've been doing a lot of cooking, cleaning and figuring out what we want to make next.

This week we made homemade gluten-free pasta with pesto and pan-fried chicken, oh it was amazing.

If you've never tried homemade pasta before, add it to your bucket list, it's a game changer.

We will be sharing our recipe next week and you're going to want to make it ASAP because it's so easy, affordable and yummy, even with box pasta.

We have an exciting meeting today with a new partner we are working with and we can't wait to share more about this project. These products are so incredible and made only 1.5 hours away from us and they ship Canada-wide. Here is a hint: 🥖

Recipe of the week:

We have a yummy scrumptious gluten-free cranberry orange bundt cake for you this week.

If you don't have a bundt cake pan, no worries, you could do it in a loaf pan.

Let us know if you try any of our recipes!



Did you know we are youtube now, we are just getting started but we have some ideas to execute in the coming weeks. Click the picture below to watch our newest video:

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