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Issue 03 | Coffee Catch Up

Cierra and Mike

Family Day at Home | Love Day Cupcakes | New on Youtube

Last week we shared about going away for family day while on a budget. 

This week we are sharing how you can enjoy some family day fun in your community. 

First things first, check to see what's happening in your area, here are a few places to look for event postings: 

  1. Facebook Events 

  2. Library Posting Board 

  3. Local Newspaper

  4. Radio Station Website Event Page  

  5. Tourism Board Pages 

  6. Visitor Centre 

  7. Bulletin Board in your community 

  8. Facebook Family/Parent Groups 

  9. Community Centre Activity Guides or website 

  10. Word of Mouth

Family day is usually a good time for family-friendly events OR free days for skating, swimming, library days, etc. 

Also, check in with your local mall because sometimes they will have demonstrations or events happening inside that are interactive or fun.

We’ve also seen fun meet-and-greets at fire stations!

Another option for having fun during Family Day locally is planning a little date day with your family. 

Go out for lunch 

Walk around town 

Give each kiddo $5 - $10 to buy their own goodie 

Stop by the library 

Go to the Park 

Make dinner together 

Play a board 

Watch a movie

Other fun things to do that do cost money are:

  • Bowling 

  • Laser Tag

  • Go Karting 

  • Movie Theatre

  • Trampoline Park

  • Indoor Playground 

  • Arcade 

  • Petting Zoo 

  • Skating 

  • Swimming 

Lastly, if you don’t want to spend any money, here are some ideas for fun at or around the home. 

  • Board Game 

  • Bake a Cake 

  • Watch a movie 

  • Have a puppet show 

  • Make a fort 

  • Go for a walk 

  • Play in your yard 

  • Dance Party

  • Decorate cookies

  • Make homemade playdough 

There are so many fun things you can do as a family and we highly recommend using this time to make memories and spend quality time together.


This week at home has been a roller coaster. 

On Monday, our beautiful and special dog Blu entered heaven. We were absolutely devastated and didn’t realize how painful it is to lose a pet. We’ve been taking things a little slower this week to grieve and get back into it but wow, it’s been really quiet here now that he is gone. Some of you know, our baby boy Blu really struggled with a lot of physical and mental issues so we just pray he is living his best life without stress, anxiety, pain and confusion. 

Our other dog Buni seems to be doing okay which we thank God for. We’ve been keeping her spirits up with walks, car rides and playtime. 

This week has taught us a few lessons: 

  1. Life is so short, use your time wisely 

  2. You don’t really know what you have until it’s gone so cherish everything around you.

  3. Love your life with joy even if it’s hard 

After having a hard couple of days, we went for a drive and got coffee, we took E swimming, purged some junk and moved some furniture. Sometimes when we go through hard things, it’s good to rearrange, move around and do things that will help you heal. 

Recipe of the week:

With Love Day coming up, we thought we would reshare our very favourite Chocolate Black Bean Cupcake Recipe with Peanut Butter Frosting. Make them for your Hunny or have a baking day with your family, these cupcakes are so yummy, gluten-free and vegan.


New on Youtube:

This Friday, we will be sharing episode 2 of our Youtube channel so make sure to subscribe to get updated when we share.

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