Intentional Living

Our adventure living a simple, practical, non toxic, resourceful and intentional life. 

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What is intentional living?

Intentional Living for us is creating and nurturing a lifestyle that is simple and unique. We were starting to get to a point where we wanted all the things: car, trailer, house, vacations etc, but when we took some time to understand what matters, what brings us joy and allows us to grow purposely, we realized that all the "worldly things" don't really matter nor do they count for a measurement of success. It's okay to want those things, it's okay to have those things however, we are working towards changing our mindset to want less of what society tells us we need.


What matters to us is living a life with pure intention. Developing skills that can help us get closer to self-sustaining, serving others, showing up in our faith and leaning into what we need vs what we want.

This lifestyle can be quite the change but when we realize that none of the 'stuff' really matters, we found peace and freedom. Here in intentional living, you will find posts about home, gardening, self-sustaining, budgeting, camping/survival, preserving, supporting local and much more.

Feel free to share and comment and if you have experience with any of these topics, Cierra would love to hear from you.

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