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Hey foodies, travellers and everyone in between, we are so grateful you are here.


Our vision for our newsletter is to share weekly curated content related to all things food, travel, family adventures and our journey as entrepreneurs.


Stay tuned for some awesome content and feel free to email us and let us know if you have any ideas or just want to say hi.




We have been working on a big project since October with Tamarack Media and can finally share a hint on what we have been up to.


If you don't know our story, here's a spark notes version: we met in 2019 in Moncton, NB. Cierra was living in Ontario at the time but on a cross-Canada train trip and Mike was in New Brunswick. We went to a tourism event in Cape Breton and you could say it was love at first sight. We then lived in Fredericton and then moved to Halifax for a few months before making the trek to British Columbia.


You could say Atlantic Canada has a very special place in our hearts and since Covid, we haven't been back.


Until now!


Partnered with Tamarack Media, we signed a contract with Hilton Hotels and travelled across the country to surprise Mike's entire family and they had no idea!


We've been keeping this secret for months and even during the Christmas Facetime we had to be super careful to not spill the beans...


Two weeks ago we drove to Calgary, got on a plane and landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We stayed in a hotel and the next morning drove to Mike's dad's house, knocked on the door and "surprise!"


An hour later, Mike's brother walked in the door to be surprised and got to finally meet our son Everest after 18 months!


Then the next day, we drove with Mike's dad to Moncton, and surprised his mom and surprised his Dad with Mike's sister. It was a morning of surprises.

We can't share Mike's dad's reaction just quite yet but here is Mike's mom shocked...


It was such a wonderful and exciting time surprising Mike's family and we hope we can surprise Cierra's family in Ontario next.


The Hilton hotel experience was absolutely amazing and we can't wait to share more about it but for now, our lips are sealed so stay tuned.

This month at home,

We haven't spent too much time at home this month as we were travelling for two weeks but we did make Crispy Squares with Made Good Brown Rice Cereal that turned out amazing and we've also been brainstorming more savoury dishes we can cook up this year including some budget-friendly meals as food costs have gone up.


One thing we like to do is make a meal plan, and make meals we know are cost-effective. We make a lot of rice at our house and also take advantage of frozen vegetables since fresh produce is pretty expensive right now. 


How are you doing with the cost of groceries? Are you over your head or have you found a way to feed your family and be creative? Feel free to email us and let us know how you're feeling about it, 

Recipe of the week:

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