The Feel Real Class

Virtual One Hour Class to Release, Embrace, Embody, Love and Heal.

Feel Real Class is an hour-long virtual journey guided by Cierra. 

Each week we will work through a specific theme and embody different types of movement, meditation and journaling. 

This is a time for YOU.

No expectations. No Judgement. No right or wrong. 

Just flow, feeling, real.

This is an hour of YOU time facilitated by Cierra. 

Drop In Class

  • An hour for YOU to connect with your real self.

    Wednesday, Saturday

    1 hr

    20 Canadian dollars

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Select a membership below or sign up for the drop-in class. 

Step 2: Select the day you would like to participate in Feel Real Class

Step 3: Attend Feel Real Class on Zoom


Step 4: Feel all the things. 

Step 5: Repeat

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