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Our homemade, healthy and comforting recipes

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Homemade & Delicous

Food and cooking for us is ritual, comforting and enjoyable. We always dream of having family and friends over and being able to cook for them. Serving our favourite staples and surprising them with dessert.


As we lean more into self-sustaining, we will be making more homemade goods. It's easy to buy a premade meal or snack but we truly believe that for us to learn more about preserving, intentional living and being more frugal, making homemade is the way.


We also have been transitioning to cook with organic, gluten-free, locally sourced and grass-fed ingredients. We know this is a privilege and we are so grateful we have gotten this far because organic was not an option a year ago.


Here we will feature our favourite recipes, our own creations, family traditions, local restaurants and cafes.

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