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My name is Cierra Bray and I’m a writer, creator, and passionate leader who believes that all humans have a special purpose to live on this planet. 


Keep Being Real was birthed in 2019 when I kept witnessing and experiencing myself, people holding on to the feeling of judgement, fear and shame to hide their true identity and purpose. 


From social media to the way we have been raised, I believe that we are conditioned and programmed to think, react and execute in unique ways. This programming keeps us safe based on the origin of the behaviour. It’s very complex but I do know that there is always a different way. We have the opportunity to make different choices, to show up and do personal development work and lean into rewiring our brains to keep being real. 


Since I was a kid, I always challenged the status quo and I was the one student who always asked why we needed to learn certain things that didn’t apply to everyday life. I was never convinced in the idea that we need to go to university, get a job, have a family, retire and die.


I knew there was something more but I didn’t know what the ‘more’ was until I decided to try everything and anything and weed out the stuff that I didn’t enjoy and didn’t feel good intuitively. 


During this 10 year process, I’ve definitely created an appetite for life and have designed a life that is worth living for me. Following my mantra of Keep being real, I commit every day to live differently than the average, I challenge myself to follow my heart, my calling and overcome judgement and fear from the outside world. 


I’ve gone through some interesting careers, including retail and insurance, I’ve had some unique long term relationships that have taught me to believe in the first signs of red flags and uncomfortable intuitive guidance, I’ve fallen in love with myself more and more each day, I’ve travelled around Canada on a train with just a backpack, I competed in Miss Universe Canada and learned what pageants can due to women's self-esteem, confidence and mental health, I’ve represented Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance summit in Argentina to discuss education and entrepreneurship, and now I’m living in British Columbia with my amazing partner Mike and our two dogs, ready for life's next big adventures; living a nomadic lifestyle on the road and having a family. 


My passion for coaching is deeply ingrained in my DNA, in my higher purpose from the divine and I truly believe that I need to be doing this work to help other people break through the judgement, fear, shame, doubt, all the negative crap and do what makes you happy, what feels good and what allows and encourages you to keep being real. 


We only have on life and we, us, you, I am the only one in the driver seat. It’s our time, right now, to take the wheel and drive where you want to go.

Cierra Bray

While creating content and working with Mike, I also write and teach people how to break through judgement and use their resources to

keep being real.

The Real Philospy

The four pillars of keep being real are reflect, embrace, account and love. 

Reflect on your past, present and future and tap into what is the real you and what has been conditioned 

Embrace your findings, break through the fear, the judgement and lean into your intuitive and resourceful powers 

Account for who you really are and want to be and be just that.

Love your real self unconditionally and live a fulfilled and joyful life 

The philosophy behind real stems from the essence of who we truly are. When we strip away the conditioning and embrace all  that we are, we are our real selves again, we are at our purest self 


Keep Being Real is a mantra and reminder that every day you have another opportunity to breathe on this planet, you can show up and being who you truly are. 

"Once you commit to keep being real, magic happens."

the program!

Are you ready to embrace who you truly are and use your inner resources to break through judgement?


Are you ready to start healing and embracing your past?


Are you ready to hold yourself accountable to live your life o your terms? 


Are you ready to love the real you?

Are you ready to invest in yourself to level up?

Are you ready to be supported, empowered and encouraged? 

If yes, you are in the right place.



I have designed a 4 month intensive program to help you get real. 


We will work through the REAL pillars each week and so you can start building your foundation. 


16 weekly modules that will cover reflection, embracing, accountability, love and everything in between.


8 one-on-one coaching sessions to help you uncover any blocks, hold yourself accountable and start feeling amazing being who you  were always meant to be. 


8 monthly group calls with other participants to connect, share and work through situations. 


Access to The Real community to share your experiences and feel supported and empowered by other people working through the same program. 

There is a waiting list for this program and we are currently taking on 10 clients. 

If you're interested in the next 4 month intensive from August - November 2020, fill out the intake form below and you will be contacted.

"Every single day we get to choose to be the best version of ourselves."

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